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A product that helps dealing with psychotherapy consultation management and mental condition evaluation.


We were approached by the representatives of the Vilnius University Faculty of Philosophy with a unique request. It was brought to our attention that the demand for psychotherapy in Lithuania has been steadily increasing in recent years, and the staff at the university’s counseling center were struggling to keep up with the volume of consultations. We were honored to have the opportunity to assist the largest university in Lithuania in addressing this challenge and streamlining their consultation management process.


The Faculty of Philosophy at Vilnius University approached us with a challenge: to optimize the administrative work for their team and prioritize patients based on their mental health status. However, this project presented a number of complex considerations, including:

  1. The patient’s status as a faculty member
  2. The qualifications of the therapist
  3. Pricing and discounts
  4. What about discounts?
  5. Scheduling and availability of rooms
  6. Group consultations
  7. Maintaining medical privacy

We were fortunate to have excellent communication with the Faculty of Philosophy, who were highly proficient in computer literacy. This made it easy to discuss even the most technical aspects of the project. After a few meetings, we were able to come up with several ideas and mockups to help them achieve their goals. Ultimately, we were able to provide solutions to all of these challenges.


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Process & Main Functionality

To effectively meet the demand for psychotherapy services at the Faculty of Philosophy, it was necessary to implement a system that would enable staff to efficiently schedule sessions for patients based on their needs. Given the constraints of time and resources, we decided to create a cabinet booking sub-system that would allow each therapist to manage their own patient appointments. This decentralized approach allowed for greater control over time and priority while preserving the confidentiality of medical information. By leveraging this innovative solution, we were able to streamline the process of scheduling sessions and ensure that patients received the care they needed in a timely manner.

The cabinet booking sub-system we developed allows each therapist to effectively manage their own time and patient appointments, providing them with the ability to easily access and review a patient’s history in one central location. This enables therapists to make informed decisions about the type of care each patient requires, ensuring that they receive the most appropriate treatment based on their individual needs. Overall, this solution allows for more efficient and effective management of patient care within the Faculty of Philosophy.

Our cabinet booking sub-system provides complete visibility into therapist schedules, eliminating the possibility of miscommunication and improving overall efficiency.

The cabinet booking sub-system we developed offers a user-friendly interface that allows therapists to easily create new appointments or schedule recurring visits with just a few clicks.

Our cabinet booking sub-system features automated processes that handle a range of administrative tasks, such as email notifications, templating, and price calculations. These processes are based on customizable rules that can be defined by the administration, enabling them to tailor the system to their specific needs and requirements. This allows for greater efficiency and eliminates the need for manual intervention in these processes.

We were excited to have the opportunity to work with Vilnius University and are grateful for the experience and knowledge gained outside of our core IT expertise. It was a rewarding and enjoyable project, and we look forward to similar opportunities in the future.



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