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A customized e-commerce solution for a Tesla car parts provider in Eastern Europe


As an official seller of Tesla car parts in Eastern Europe, our client has built a reputation for providing top-notch products and expert advice to their customers. They have a wide selection of high-quality parts available through their online store and a deep understanding of the various parts and systems in Tesla vehicles.


As an IT consulting and custom software development company, we were approached to design, architect, and build an e-commerce solution to sell EV parts online. This presented a number of challenges to the Bitcat team, including:

  1. The need for a fast search function was likely driven by the large number of OEM car parts offered by EVParts. With hundreds of thousands of parts available, it’s important to have a search function that can quickly and accurately identify the parts a customer is looking for.
  2. A user-friendly interface is essential for any e-commerce site, but it can be especially important for a car parts retailer. Customers may not be familiar with the specific terminology or naming conventions used for car parts, so it’s important to have an interface that makes it easy for them to identify and locate the parts they need.
  3. Keeping the car parts up to date for all Tesla car models and their available quantities is crucial for any car parts retailer. Customers will expect to be able to find the parts they need for their specific car model, and it’s important to have accurate information about the availability of those parts.
  4. Streamlining the browsing, purchase, and delivery process can help to improve the customer experience and increase efficiency. By minimizing the need for customer interaction with another human, you can make the process more convenient and efficient for customers.
  5. The ability to import new blueprints and map car parts to a list with prices and descriptions is a useful feature for any car parts retailer. It can save time and improve accuracy by automating the process of adding new parts to the inventory.


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Process & Main functionality

To help customers visualize the parts they were looking for, we provided detailed descriptions and images of each part, as well as the option to view a blueprint of the car with the parts labeled. To make it even easier for customers to find the specific part they needed, we implemented OCR(optical character recognition) technology to allow them to hover their mouse over a part in the blueprint image and have the corresponding row in a table light up, indicating the name and other details of that particular part. This made it easy for customers to find exactly what they needed, even if they didn’t know the exact name or part number.

Simultaneously, we explored a range of search engine options, but ultimately decided to develop a custom search engine solution to meet EVParts’ specific needs. This custom solution was designed to handle the large volume of data in EVParts’ inventory with lightning-fast speed, and included a search autocomplete feature to help users find what they were looking for even more quickly.

To keep EVParts’ inventory up to date and ensure that their customers had access to the most current information on available parts and quantities, we integrated their system with an API from an external source. This allowed us to automatically synchronize the inventory data on our platform with the latest information from the external source, ensuring that EVParts’ customers always had access to accurate and up-to-date information on the parts they needed. This API integration was a crucial part of our e-commerce solution, as it helped to streamline the process of managing and updating the inventory and ensured that EVParts’ customers could trust the information they were seeing on the site.

Finally, to streamline the browsing, purchase, and delivery process, we implemented a range of features such as saved searches, wish lists, and multiple delivery options. These enhancements made it easier for customers to shop for and receive the parts they needed, improving the overall customer experience.

Overall, the Bitcat team was able to successfully address the challenges presented by EVParts and deliver a comprehensive e-commerce solution for selling EV parts online. Their expert knowledge on the market and customer needs allowed us to provide them a fast, user-friendly, and efficient platform for customers to find and purchase the car parts they needed.



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