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As a start-up company with global operations in the USA, Lithuania, and Turkey, BeCreatives is striving to become the leading video editing company in the world. As the company continues to grow, there is an increasing need for a scalable platform that can handle large volumes of data and files while delivering a seamless user experience. By addressing these challenges, we aim to support BeCreatives’ ongoing success and expansion in the market.


What do you do, when you your clients are famous social media influencers, businesses that operate in the public eye or any other public entity in general?

What do you do if your clients expect outstanding quality and best performance?

For that you probably need some heavy-lifting software that will not let you down under any circumstances.

And for that you reach out to the Bitcat team.

Scaling, reliability, and seamless handling of huge data flows were the key considerations in developing the platform for BeCreatives. With a vast client base and virtually unlimited amounts of content being uploaded for editing on a daily basis, the legacy system was struggling to keep up with the growing demand for a seamless user experience.

The Bitcat team was able to provide a solution that addressed these challenges effectively. By focusing on scalability, reliability, and efficient management of data flows, we were able to create a platform that could handle the heavy workload and provide a superior user experience, even under strain on the legacy system. The results speak for themselves: BeCreatives has experienced significant improvements in performance and customer satisfaction since implementing our solution.

Process & Main Functionality

Our team of engineers conducted a thorough analysis of the problems faced by BeCreatives and came up with an innovative solution: leveraging the external system of (AWS S3) to handle heavy loads and distributing some of the work to the client’s browser through asynchronous job processing. This allowed us to free up capacity on the API side and significantly improve response times, resulting in a enhanced customer experience. By adopting a SPA (single page application) approach, we were able to deliver a seamless and intuitive user journey that exceeded expectations.

Our team developed a strategy to address the challenge of managing large data flows and file storage. Through thorough research, we identified React as the optimal solution for providing a seamless user experience. With React, we were able to implement non-blocking page loading, asynchronous processing, and real-time data manipulation using RxJS and Redux. As a result, we successfully delivered a highly efficient and intuitive system for managing data and files.

BeCreatives platform is constantly growing, so this article is likely to be expanded in the near future… 

Below are screenshots of some of the platforms components and views


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case studie image
case studie image
case studie image
case studie image

The result is a system, that provides a seamless and efficient way to work with files of any size i.e. scrolling through a video and adding notes second by second or even by a single frame is effortless.

We are thrilled to have contributed to our client’s growth and grateful for the opportunity to expand our own knowledge and skills through our collaboration with BeCreatives. 



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