Crowdfunding platform for businesses with property-backed investments


As an international business crowdfunding organization, Profitus has established itself as a premier destination for crowdfunded business loans, particularly in the realm of real estate development. With a rapidly growing base of private investors and businesses, Profitus has cemented its reputation as a leading fin-tech company. Innovative and reliable, Profitus is consistently sought out as a trusted partner for businesses looking to secure funding and take their ventures to new heights.


Facing significant technical product debt, the organization struggled to keep up with rising user demands and expectations. The user experience was outdated, the risk of a damaging security breach was increasing, and the maintenance of outdated application frameworks was becoming increasingly challenging.

To address these issues and meet the needs of its customers, the company required greater security, improved user experience, and modern, cloud-based technology at a lower cost of ownership. However, internally, the firm lacked the capacity and expertise to effectively address these challenges within the necessary time frame.

To compound the issue, the use of individual contractors by technology teams led to a lack of consistency in best practices and standards. In order to meet escalating demands and maintain its reputation, the company needed a scalable and experienced partner to quickly tackle its mounting technical debt.

Welcome to Bitcat.


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Process & Main Functionality

To begin, Bitcat formed specialized teams, including some developers from Profitus, with the goal of developing the project to its initial release and enabling the Profitus developers to take over and continue with support and new features. In order to facilitate a smooth transition, Bitcat developed a plan for incorporating outside developers into the process. The collaboration between the two companies, combining subject matter expertise with technical knowledge, proved to be highly effective and allowed for quick, efficient results.

The flexibility and adaptability of the Bitcat team were evident in their ability to meet the specific needs of the client and create a scalable delivery framework. This framework enabled the team to have a broad overview of the delivery process and roadmap, while also allowing for regular stand-ups and updates. While some features and timing were determined within this framework, it did not hinder the overall development process and was able to seamlessly integrate any changes. The framework also included best practices for metrics, source code scanning, continuous integration/continuous delivery, automated testing, and a serverless approach to self-provisioning.



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